Since it's been a while, I took the camera with me when I made the rounds the other day & snagged a random photo of everyone. :-) All pics are from June 6, 2011. Some of these guys are mine, some are my ex-roommate's that I'm babysitting for the time being, and the rest are foster kids still hoping to find "their person".

~You can click on anyone's picture to see a few other recent pics of them.~
(The first six dogs also still have their old pages, on the personal section of the Wolfdogproject site...and were in the 2009 update as well.)

The "wise old man", Maheono. Hard to believe he turned 11 this past April...

Avatar D, a year younger than Ono. Looking a bit scruffy in his summer coat! We're just getting the last of the winter woolies out on a lot of these guys.

Lutro..My Golden Boy. Aka "Mama's Woo", "WoooooTro", "da Puppa-Woo", and "Tro Man". *vbg* He is the baby of the family, at 8 years.

I decided to try out Flickr, since every other photo album service I use ends up going under or being eaten by a bigger one. Here are two albums with pics of Woo...Tro on the Road and My Pal Tro

My sweet Shasta, still with us at fourteen. :-) I know we're on borrowed time, but he's still his happy, goofy self...and I will gladly take every year I can steal with this character!

Solo, being Solo. He and his sister Denali will be 12 this fall.

Denali, always the sweet one. "My ears will come back when your camera is gone."

This is Sissy. She's not familiar with words like "gentle" or "manners" *vbg*, but she is a **love bug** and a great addition to the Solowolf pack. Not 100% sure how old Sissy is, but she's probably a 2003 season pup, which would mean she turned 8 around mid to late April.

Adorable little Sierra was left behind by her family at the ripe old age of 13. :-( She moved in last spring, and we can hardly believe what a wonderful dog she is. Sierra likes everyone (especially children), enjoys coming in the house, is mannerly, doesn't mess with the cats, will Sit and Gimme Five for her food, just a neat little animal. I can't imagine someone wanting to give her up.

Grandpa is one of a large group of wolfdogs originally from a shelter on the Texas/Mexico border. He is a gentle old soul, who seems to ignore our cats and never starts trouble with anyone. He is timid and sometimes gets very scared when you handle him...but like most wolfdogs, he never offers to bite--simply lies down and freezes, and hopes you don't hurt him.
Gran has been here a while now and has warmed up to his primary caretakers--so we get to see his big sweet smile and his Grandpa Dance, and he comes up to us meekly in hopes of a leash walk. Grandpa would love a home of his own someday, but he would need a special person willing to work with his shy nature.

Orion is another older wolfdog, though we don't know exactly how old. (Best guess would be around 12 or 13.) Wolfdog content can be hard to identify, for the untrained eye, and little Orion was sent to wolfdog rescue because he was suspected of being "about 90% wolf, and the rest coyote"! *g* In reality, he is a low content wolf mix, probably with shepherd and husky.
Orion is kind of a cream puff; he is intimidated by most of the other wolfdogs, and they know it and will pick on him. We finally found him a great match in our Basenji girl, who is more his speed. The two of them became fast friends!

Jumanji moved in 2 years ago, as an adult Basenji who needed a new place to call home. At the time, I had a lonely male New Guinea Singing Dog...and she was great company for him. Our buddy TRexy has since passed on, but she's found a new friend in Orion. Don't let her size fool you; she is the boss! Basenjis can pack a LOT of dog into that tiny body. Like all primitives, she is independent and animated and has an excess of personality.

Jasmine loves to scent-roll on my hair. She is a pretty dog, really...go ahead, click on the picture to see more than just her nose. hehe
Jazzy was 13 this year...

Matsi! Just...Matsi. The picture says it all. She was born in 2005, and is a larger-than-life little spaz. I think she plugs into a socket every night to recharge. Mats-a-Rella is not very cuddly but is a great one for action shots. :-)

Mika is another one who doesn't want to be petted--but by all means, don't forget her when you are passing out treats or toys (or even just attention, through the fence ONLY, please!) if she knows you. She will woooo and wooo to remind you.

I'm a bit proud of this picture of Timber, because I was standing several feet from him, IN his enclosure, when I took it. Timber is normally one to scoot off when you come too near. Wolfdogs do tend to mellow out some as they age, though, and Timber is hopefully we can look forward to a braver Timber in the future.

This is Mattie. She is a *Great Dog*. Someone should take her home. *g*
(Honestly, I'm a bit puzzled by why no one ever has.) Mattie is one of the South Texas rescues, with primarily malamute heritage. She takes a bit to warm up to you, but once she does, she has a very cool personality...spunky and affectionate and cute. She LOVES leash walks, rides well in the car, does fine at the groomer's, and would be thrilled if someone spent lots of time with her or maybe even let her stay in their house. She doesn't like female dogs and she digs like a son-of-a-gun, but I still think "her" person is out there somewhere.

Ah, the Deer-in-the-Headlights look that Journey always has when I'm in there with him. :-/ Poor Journey. He was the only one of the eight Texas dogs who really never came around much, until recently. He's finally found someone he is starting to trust, and is starting to show real progress. Once you start making breakthroughs with these guys, they tend to come rapidly one after the, cross your fingers that Mr. Journey will soon be much more comfortable in his own skin.

Don't forget to say hello to Miss KK! She's another senior here, somewhere around 13 yrs old.

This little cutie is Tommy. He's one of our foster kids...a New Guinea Singing dog, which is essentially a dingo, but from the "island next door" and smaller in size.

He's being skittish because I'm in his fence...on the outside they are much braver!

This is Tommy's mate Amanda. Also pretending to be a Wack-A-Mole because I'm in there with her. These guys seem to de-socialise really fast if you don't work with them often.
Tommy and Amanda are probably around 10-12 years old, but the breed is quite long-lived and they should have many more years of "singing" ahead of them!

Jupie's gonna getcha!
Jupiter is a real pistol. She was the sassiest of the Texas rescues. This one is her mama's eyeballs, and will hopefully be going back home to her soon. :-)

Isn't Merlin a beautiful boy? Don't you want to touch him? Yeah, so do we, but, too bad. Merlin isn't a touchy feely kinda guy. You have to admire him from a distance. That can be a bit frustrating when he is blowing his winter coat like he is in the pic, and walks around looking like a moulting bison because he won't let you brush him...but sometimes it just isn't worth catching up an unsocial for aesthetic's sake.
Merlin LOVES to play, and is bonded to Jupiter. If she goes out for a walk without him, you should hear the ruckus he makes! Click on this handsome wolfdog for more pics. And, thanks for "visiting" the Solowolf Pack!

(December 2011 'dinnertime roll call', anyone? ;-)

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