December Roll Call, please!
~A random dinnertime pic of everyone, from 9 Dec 2011~


Om Nom Nom.

Ono? Aww, look at those pretty green eyes.

Avatar D...what a sweet goob.

The Puppa Woo! Lutro looks like an advert for "club the baby seal". hehe

The Yawn to End All Yawns

Sierra..."Look into my eyesssss....more meats! And some house time, please."

Gran man, caught napping in his doghouse

Foster boy Maestro? Check.

Foster girl Melody? Looking worried. Still very, very shy. :-/

A deer leg for Orion. Mmm.

Duhhhhhh...Jumanji! Which way did he go, George?

Miss Matsi, being kinda sorta sociable. Also, trying to hoard deer legs can tell her mama's getting up there in age, or she wouldn't dare. ;-o (Jazzy will be 14 this spring.)

Jazzy looking badass...really, she's not going to defend that. Go 'head, take a bite.

Hullo, Miss Mika...

Timber, I still see you back there

TaaDaaa, it's Jupiter!

More Jupie. Pretty girl, that one.

Merlin stealing a deer head, the instant I'm far enough away from it.

SISSY! Jump, Sissy, jump! God, I love that dog.

"Mama, Mama, I made new mud, just for YOU!" *sigh*

Journey, looking much less "deer in the headlights" than usual. Yes, I am standing right beside him. :) Still runs like hell when I go in there, though.

New Guinea Singer Amanda LOVES the deer leg. "Wooooooo! Wooo wooo woooo. Don't forget Uuuuuuusssssss!" she says...

Tommy's got this figured out too.

(Sure do miss my sweet Denali and you guys. Run free.)