Check out these great Singers! :-D

"Ricky" and "Lucy" (they don't know their temporary names yet--do you have better ones??) are New Guinea Singing dogs...essentially, New Guinea's version of the dingo. If you're not familiar with the breed, check them out here, on Animal Planet: Dogs101 episode

These two need to stay together...although they bicker (verbally), they love each other, and do NOT like any other animals! They adore humans, but both are dog-aggressive to strange dogs, and very prey-driven towards cats and smaller animals.
This is the boy:

...and this is the girl:

As you can see, they are very flexible, and great jumpers! They require a substantial fence when they're outside. They can also spend some time indoors--they used to be indoor dogs when young, and are reportedly housebroken. (I have cats, so they don't come inside here.) They're already spayed & neutered. They would make an amazing addition to a small, hands-on educational program or zoo, or could be companion animals for a very dedicated owner. These are, by far, the most social and outgoing Singers I have fostered; most Singers are much more shy with strangers.

We want sooo much LOVE!

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