Looking for an essay or other page you saw on the Wolfdog Project? This page is sort of a site map. 


UPDATE: I finally got around to putting that ebook together; you can see "The Alpha's Guide to Dog Training" here! (Hint: if you don't know me, then it's probably not what you would expect.)

General dog-training stuff:

Training primitive dogs           Teaching impulse control           Fencing solutions for escape artists

Good leadership (being a worthy master for your dog)           Shy dog tips           Raising Safe Dogs

High maintenance dogs           "Followers Boot Camp" for pushy dogs

 Suggestions for raising a great pitbull terrier or bully-breed-mix           Some thoughts on "pitbulls"

Fun enrichment activities             "Social dominance" in canids            Leadership links from trainers

Why dogs bite           Breed-specific legislation is not the answer           Body language pictures

Additional discussion for in-depth concerns:

Some musings on pack dynamics           Unedited notes on social dominance 

Advanced capture techniques for frightened canids           Older notes on fearful dogs

Older notes on pushy/dominant-aggressive dogs

Wolfdog-specific odds n ends:

Do you want a wolfdog?           Would you make a good wolfdog owner?           Why Wolfdogs??

The rabies vaccine political controversy           Feeding and bottle-feeding 

Dispelling wolfdog mythology          Short version:common-sense wolfdog info           Brief Demo 

Snippets of life with our primitive friends

The original geocities Wolfdogproject page archive (some links now dead)

Roll Call 2014, an example of life on the "wolf farm"            Our Flickr albums

Tribute to the old man, Maheono           Tribute to my sweet Shasta

~One of many stories about my heart dog, Lutro~                  Some nice fall pics of the F1 wolfdogs

A bunch of fun pics of mostly dingoes           New Guinea Singing Dogs            Coydog info


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Or...haven't had enough yet and want a few bonus links, on pack-y stuff? ;-)
Yes, they're pack animals. With some pack psychology. And lots of variables to their pack dynamics. Also here's some cool stuff on feral dogs. Lastly, if you have a wolfdog yourself but are struggling to make some part of it work, here's an old article called Can we help you keep your wolfdog?