~Some breeds similar to wolves~
There is a lot of variation amongst the Alaskan malamute breed--some are huge, bulky, bearlike, short-snouted...and some are taller, lighter-framed, and quite wolfy-looking! That's not even taking into account all the off-standard, puppymilled dogs, who often poorly resemble their breed. Here are some sample links to malamute photos:
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There is also quite a bit of variation amongst huskies. Petfinder.com is probably a good place to see alot of BYB huskies. :-/  Here are some purebred Siberian husky links: 1 2 Some show lines Sibes: 1 2 And some racing line Siberians:  1 2 3 4   There are also Alaskan huskies-- 1 2 Though not an AKC breed, they are still all dog. (For some REALLY tough dogs to identify, try a Google search for husky/shepherd mixes!)
Samoyeds can also have a wolfish look to them. Here are some samoyed photos: 1 2 3
German shepherds can also be mistaken for wolf crosses. (Of course, shepherds WERE wolf crosses only 100 years ago. ;-) Today's shepherds show enormous variation from one line to the next--often in temperament, as well as appearance. Here's some info on the differences...
Some GSD photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sable GSDs: 1
American bred dogs: 1
Coated (longhair) GSDs: 1
White Shepherds: 1 2
Some examples of what you see in rescue: (often off-standard) 1
West German imports: 1 2 3
East German imports: 1 2 3 4
Czech dogs: 1 2 3
Belgians: 1
For fun, here are some really cool GSD links!  :)
Vintage GSDs
Eisenmann's early GSDs (scroll down)
The very first GSD
Colors of the German Shepherd
Some sites that compare various breeds to each other, and/or to wolves...
Seij's photo-ID page
Lupine Legacy's ID table
wolf to dog comparisons
Mal vs. Sibe
Wayeh mals & Sibes
Common "pet quality" deviations
White dog/white wolf comparison
Now...let's get this "yellow eyes = a wolf" thing cleared up once and for all.  ;-)
Several pics of eyes are shown below. Click on the eyes to see a full picture of their owner.
(Yep, in order, the breeds are: Alaskan malamute, Siberian husky, Weimaraner, Australian shepherd, German shepherd, dilute German shepherd, and silver Labrador retriever. All purebreds. Light/green/yellow eyes are common in numerous domestic breeds such as the above, as well as pitbulls (particularly the dilutes, i.e. rednose & blues), kangals, and many other dogs...not to mention the dogs in which it occurs, but is faulted in the show ring.
Here are some links to pure wolves & very high content wolfdogs, for reference:
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Some of my favourite GSD eye candy:  ;-)  1 2 3 4
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