Finally took some fall-coat pics of the F1s. :-) LOTS of goofy ones and a few decent ones, too.

Showing off for Mama

Wait for it...

Excuze me, does you need KISSES?

More kisses? They're free...?

My sweet goober Lutro. So few "nice" pics, and so many silly ones. ;)

Avatar D

and handsome old Ono.

Hard to believe he looked like THIS

just less than 12 years ago. ;-)
Ono a year later: (they sure do change)

Sissy is doing MUCH better at learning to be a civilised woofer *vbg* but she's still almost impossible to get a good picture of unless you're in with her for a while. Most Sissy pics tend to look like this:

Oooh! Finally got some nice ones. She's such a pretty girl.

So full of herself.

Wanna play frisbee??

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