~Assorted Singer stuff~

We have had the privilege to meet lots of really interesting New Guinea Singing dogs! Here are some pics of Singers who have lived, visited or been fostered here.

Pics and videos of Maestro, one of the foster kids who later got adopted. :-)

Ricky and Lucy also stayed with us for a year or so, until they got a home.

Some interesting body language pics taken of visiting & foster Singers.

Pics of Tommy & Amanda from the Hammond dispersal when they first got here.

Melody NGSD, who stayed with us for a while, until she got an awesome new home at the Conservators Center in NC. They actually have several Singers and are a great place to visit! They've also published a paper on Singer breeding habits--denning, behaviour with pups, etc.

Mp3 of Amanda singing for her dinner. :-)
(These two old cuties are Tommy and Amanda.)

Mp3 of TRexy making his dinosaur noises. (A couple clips spliced together.)
(Here is TRex.)

Here's a group howl. :-) It starts off with wolf dogs, then to coyotes, then a Singer at the end.

How about some youtube videos of some of the Singer kids we've gotten to enjoy? :-)

TRexy's dinosaur noises
Tommy and Amanda REALLY want their meat!
Firefly (little Bug) wants the cat food
the "dingo head flip"
Visiting girlie Kiva likes the cat toy
Kiva is terrified of Bug
Karoo Dingo trying hard to be Kiva's friend
new fosters being skittish
PA Singers learning to walk on leash
Winchester wants to eat my cat
Stevie n Winchester
Rusty howling with the wolf dogs
pups notice the latch
little girl chuffing
Tommy n Amanda
More of the FL pups

Videos of Bug playing!

These two videos #1 #2 were shot at the Jones facility in Michigan, before their dispersal. Amazing footage.

This Singer capture video was shot at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, where you can see Singers and Australian dingoes along with the wolves and wolfdogs. Note the "Singer walking" at the end. Classic. ;-D

Did you know that Singers come in "black and tan"? It's rare, but there are a few...see Nora's page, Forever Wild sanctuary in California, or the Guzoo for some pics.

Want more?
Don and Judy Ehrlich's site has a TON of historical info, photos, and more.
Try New Guinea Singing Dog International, for more photos, videos, and how to adopt!
There is quite a bit of Singer material on the Conservation Society's website, including a very informative FAQ.
Here is the Dogs101 special.

There are a number of zoos who keep NGSD, as well as private owners scattered across the country. If you join a Singing dog group, you are likely to find Singers near you, that you could visit or even adopt! :-D Just make sure you have an awesome fence, and no small crunchy pets. They are very, very clever and primitive dogs.

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