2009 Updates

I haven't done much in the way of critter updates or photography in quite some time, but the 'kids are still awesome and I thought I'd share a few of the pics I HAVE taken recently. Slim pickins, so they're not great shots, but you can see how some of them have changed. :-) (Obviously my HTML skills have not improved any, either, so please bear with the lack of formatting~!)

Solowolf is still Solowolf. He's full of himself as always, and has recovered extremely well from the cruciate ligament surgery--despite the insane amount of destruction and un-rest he accomplished during his recuperation period.
He still helps me run all my errands, bosses everyone else around, and along with his pal Lutro, pretty much runs the place and reminds me why it is I chose to live with dogs to begin with. *g*

Nali still holds the title for World's Laziest Dog. Like Solo, she has gained some weight but otherwise looks about the same.
She and her brother Solo turned 10 years old this fall; hard to believe we've been together that long. Here she is in her usual place.

Sweet, wise Mr. Maheono will be 10 in April. He has phased a lot since his solid black puppyhood days!
He is still a love...if you're his Mama, that is. There are a few other folks he enjoys as well, but for the most part Ono never did acclimate to strangers, and keeps his distance.
Looky how white the ol' goofball has gotten.

Avatar D. has managed to remain an obnoxious, clueless puppy all these years. *bg* He'll be 9 this spring...still the bottom of the pecking order, too, as you can see.

Mama's Indie passed away earlier this year, due to a brain tumor. She felt great up until the very end; I guess it's not such a bad way to go.
Indie will always be a part of the spirit of the Solowolf Pack--so here are a few of the last pictures I have of her. She had lightened up quite a bit from her puppy colours.

Ahhhhh, Puppy Lutro. Truly the best of both worlds, in my eyes...he was well worth that extensive quest for a straight wolf x shepherd cross. The baby of the family, he will turn 7 in May.
'Tro has put on some pounds since his neuter, as you can see! He's still very active, though, and the best all-around companion a girl could ask for. (Shhhh, don't tell the others, but) he will ALWAYS be my #1 Boy and the Dog to End All Dogs. *g*

Last but never least, my sweet Shasta.
We almost lost him to an illness two years ago, at age 10...given his remarkable size (the moose is a good 32" at the shoulder & almost 150 pounds), the vet thought he was near the end of the line. But, he's still brightening my days at 12. Shasta has a heart of gold and the spirit of a pup. How can you not love a face like this?

Here's to many more years with this crew! They have been amazing friends, and quite the adventure.