If you're visiting this site, you're probably here because you enjoy wolfdog pictures!  And, yeah, I suppose that's why the site is here <g>  BUT--it's also here to teach new folks a bit about wolfdogs!  Some of the things you learn about them might surprise you.  :)  If you want some more starting information on wolfers, plus links to a few *really* good sites, visit Solowolf's Page...If you have adopted or are considering a wolfdog puppy, check out the Wolfdog Puppy Pages. (Eventually, this site will probably have a "Links" page all its own...but not yet.  ;)  Now, on to the wolfie pics!
The first thing to know about wolfers--they can be *very* loving, and they NEED your attention! Lots of it.
They also need the company of their own kind! Some lower content animals do okay as the only dog,but most wolfers need at least one other canine for company...especially if their human can't be with them 24/7.
They look ferocious, don't they?  ;)  Don't worry, they're only playing. (Would YOU want to play with them that roughly?  Didn't think so! That's why they need another dog to wrestle with...)
The second thing to know?
They can be all kinds of trouble! Mischievous, destructive, fence jumping, window breaking, howling, digging, "I-don't-have-to-listen-to-YOU" little buggers, they can be.  ;)  They're alot of work to raise.
So think long and  hard before choosing this kind of dog!  :)

Be sure you're the sort of person who will take all the compromises in stride, and say "Ahh well, they're worth it!"
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