Resources on pack dynamics / interdog interactions seem to be scarce, so here are a few links to consider.

This is a poorly formatted accounting of many of the things I learned over the years with my packs. It's rather a "wall of text", but the information itself may be of interest... Hopefully one day I will find time to clean it up!

This page by one of my peers is pretty awesome. The whole site is very educational; you could spend all day on it. ;-)

Kim Chappell's post on introducing dogs has a lot of insight into their psychology.

Canine play styles - are my dogs fighting?

A more in-depth article on play styles...

Sometimes you are forced to learn a lot about the canine psyche because your dogs are not getting along. The Balanced Canine offers some considerations on resolving conflict.

The Great Pyrenees folks have some sage advice on steering around same-sex aggression...

Here's a link on "sibling rivalry" and here is another one, rehosted because the internet archive keeps fumbling it!

Meta-communication: play bows and pauses to convey the friendly nature of upcoming interactions.

O'Mal Malamutes has many delightful stories about life with their pack of mals. This link about pack living and this one on what to do if pack harmony has been disrupted in particular may be of interest.

Boss dogs are born - some sled dog observations!

If your interest extends beyond just companion dogs, you might enjoy some links on feral dog packs as well!

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